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Classes and Workshops

Sing. Succeed. Shine.

Our classes and workshops are designed to help students and their parents explore music, movement, theatre, and visual arts. Each class is designed with specific goals in mind. These classes can be an added enhancement to private lessons or a great way to try music and the arts for the first time. 

These classes focus on exploring art, music, movement and play with our youngest students.

Ages: 0-6 Years

New Classes Starting in September!

These classes offer an opportunity for Homeschool or Alternative school students to have music as part of their educational plan!

Grades: K-6

New Classes Starting in September!


Tuition is based on the length of the class and the at-home materials. Songbird Music and Movement classes are set up in 4-week themes sessions for $80 per student (sibling discounts are available). Homeschool classes are offered in a semester format (15 weeks) and begin at $300 a semester or $75 a month. If you have a homeschool group which would like to set up classes or workshops, please contact Anney directly for those rates. 

All class sizes are limited to provide space to provide a more personalized experience even in a classroom setting.

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