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Coming Together Through Music

Our goal is to see you shine!

All lessons are structured around each student's individual needs and goals. We recognize that no two students are the same and believe that their lessons shouldn't be either. We will work with you to accomplish your goals and help you find success you desire.

Contemporary & Commercial

Music Theatre




All Ages!



Early Advanced

Beginning to Early Advanced Flute

Beginner or Transitioning Saxophone


Each student pays a monthly tuition based on the length and frequency of lessons. This monthly tuition remains the same, regardless of the number of lessons each month. This tuition is based on 48 weekly lessons divided into equal payments each month. Students are also charged a yearly materials fee (in September or when beginning lessons), which assists in covering the cost of copies, books, music library and other learning materials.

1/2 Hour Lessons
$100 Monthly

30 minute weekly lessons are ideal for most beginning and early intermediate students in their chosen discipline.

45 Min Lessons
$150 Monthly

45 minute weekly lessons are a good option for intermediate to advanced students. This is also good option if a student would like to try a second discipline.

1 Hour Lessons
$200 Monthly

60 minute weekly lessons are a great options for intermediate or advanced students, or for students pursuing more than one discipline and families with multiple students.

1.5 Hour Lessons
$300 Monthly

90 minute weekly lessons are ideal for families or students with multiple disciplines.

I am very flexible to changes in schedule and other reasons for missed lessons. Lessons missed with 24 hour notice are given a makeup lesson. Any credits or discounts are given at the discretion of the owner

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